What to Pack :: Peasant Dress & Lace-Up Sandals

Hello, my friends! Another week swooshing by, we are in the second half of summer, which means another family trip before school starts. Even though the preparation and aftermath of a long trip is daunting, I love travel, visiting places new and old, meeting friends, experiencing local culture, and now as a style blogger, outfitting myself for the places I will go. Overall, each trip is as exciting and memorable as another.5S6A8309

Packing is never going to be light as long as blogging is involved, regardless the distance. I remember my luggage going to fashion week for four days were heavier than the ones I had for a two-week overseas trip. What I do to reduce the articles of clothing I pack is plan out the outfits and try to use each piece twice or more. The dress I have on in today’s post, for example, can also be worn as a top paid with denim or wide-leg pants.ullajohnson-3 ullajohnson-5

If my trip involves lots of walking, I’d pack 3-4 pairs of walking-friendly shoes because wearing the same pair non-stop would shorten its life much quicker. The best practice is to alternate and let each pair rest for at least one day.ullajohnson-16 ullajohnson-6

Handbags are a bit more forgiving. I usually have one large one to carry all, from camera to notebook, snack, magazine, and a smaller handbag. Once I get to my destination, I alternate among two to three small crossbody bags. If you don’t want to carry more than one bag, a neutral-color one with decent volume would be the best option, or in the case you have a rather neutral palette with your outfits, a colored-bag to bring a pop of color to them.ullajohnson-10ullajohnson-12

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you find these tips helpful. My apologies in advance for inactivity for the next couple of weeks, but as usual, you can get more timely update of what we do and what I wear through my Instagram feed. See you shortly in my next post!

Outfit Details:

Ulla Johnson dress <black version>;
Chloe sandals <on sale>;
Chloe bag;
Dior sunglasses <on sale>;
Gucci earrings & rings;
Lack of Colour straw hat <similar>;