Parisian Chic :: Polished Pleats & Comfy Heels

Hello, my friends! Long time no “see”! My apologies for the hiatus on the blog while I was traveling. Thought I could keep up with the blog at night while fulfilling my tourist duty during the day, but the reality was I could barely pass the point of downloading pictures from that day before crushing! A few highlights of the trip made it on Instagram, here I am sharing some key observations.

The words “Parisian chic” is like the epitome of effortless style, so this time, four years after my initial visit, I kept my eye wide open for that je ne said quoi. I even asked my Parisian blogger friend what is the typical style Parisian girls wear these days..then it downed on me one morning, while we were sitting at a local cafe, waiting for our breakfast and watching everyday Parisians walking by…that Parisian chic is not a particular style, it is a way of style.sacai-4

What I’d use to describe the Parisian way of style — polish & comfort. Regardless of age, you see Parisian women wear dress with more flare and flow, pants with wide-leg and jeans much less distressed. Low heels and wedges were the most common footwear, and I noticed that men and women, Parisian love jackets and scarves, for comfort, not just for style. Most women (tourists like myself aside) I saw on the street, I wouldn’t use fashionable or trendy to describe their outfits, but they were well-dressed, unmistakably feminine, mostly calm (no loud colors & patterns), and definitely at ease. If your outfit fits into the description above, I’d say you’ve got that Parisian chic nailed.sacai-5sacai-11

Looking back on this outfit I styled prior to my trip, I feel I could almost pass the test, if I don’t have the hat and sunglasses. It surprised me how little use of sunglasses I saw in Paris. I felt uncool to be the only person around who had a pair on my head at all times, take note, my fellow Americans! 😀
sacai-7 sacai-6

Other than that, today’s out fit is pretty much Parisian chic: feminine skirt, plain and understated colors, comfy shoes in classic red with a not-so-loud twist, and a touch of custom jewelry that often make an outfit more polished than not.sacai-12 sacai-13

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed this opinionated read. Would love to hear your take on Parisian chic in the comment section below. See you in my next post!

Outfit Details:

Sacai dress  <budget version>;
Miu Miu pumps <other colors on sale>;
Eugenia Kim hat <on sale>;
Saint Laurent bag <black or hot pink>;
Dior earrings;
Chanel sunglasses & brooch;


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    1. petiteflower

      So glad you like them! This dress is sold out in most sizes but I found one that is almost identical!