Performing Arts :: Tweed Dress & Metallic Pump

Hello, my friends! Is it spring yet? I think I will ask this question every time until the peonies in my yard start to bloom. ;D Despite the elements, life must go on. Last weekend, my friend D and I went to see a play by the National Theater of China, as part of the center’s World Stages program. It was exciting and strange at the same time watching live performance in my mother tongue at an English-speaking venue.

Overall, we enjoyed the performance, it was different at least. Focused on love, the play turned a transitional story of good vs evil into somewhat humorous dialogues among creatures of various desires. The introduction of pop culture was refreshing, the overall organization of the story, however, was a bit random. During intermission, D graciously agreed to take some outfit photos for me. Knowing me, I don’t miss any opportunity to dress up. 🙂IMG_8134 IMG_8141IMG_8150 IMG_8172 IMG_8170

Sometime great things happen unexpected. Last Sunday was one of those days. Before and after the performance, we saw a group of people dressed in all black, each carrying a black umbrella and a long black tube, moving from one end of the corridor to the other, like a flock of birds. Just when I believed they were doing some kind of dance, they stopped and gestured people to lie down on the ground, pointing the long black tube to their ears and started to whisper.IMG_8196IMG_8198

Curious enough, I had to find out what they were doing. It turned out that they were also part of the World Stages program, a performance called Les Souffleurs commandos poétiques, the whispers’ poetic commands. By whispering poems and the like into listener’s ears, the hope is “to create spontaneous, peaceful, and meaningful poetic interruptions as an endeavor to slow down the world.”IMG_8212IMG_8209 IMG_8200IMG_8162

Thank you very much for reading! I am really looking forward to the peak of DC’s cherry blossom next week, should be a beautiful sight! Until my next post!

 :: Outfit ::

Tweed Dress :: Chanel (similar here);
Trench Coat :: Burberry (similar here);
Metallic Pump :: Gianvito Rossi  (here);
Accessories :: Chanel bag;
Cheri Couture earrings & necklace;



9 comments on “Performing Arts :: Tweed Dress & Metallic Pump

  1. brighting

    First photo, love it, love it. and love it sooo much!~~ btw, the pump looks gorgeous on you and I wish I could wear these sort of high heels one day!

    1. petiteflower

      Thank you, dear! D is into photography, she can always capture some unusual poses of mine. 🙂

      1. petiteflower

        Oh, btw, I love Gianvito Rossi shoes, they are stylish and comfortable, on par, if not better, than Manolos.

  2. Lisa

    很美。是否不要项链更好?裙子的横杠杠,和这个圆领的设计, 再带珍珠项链显得脖子有点拥挤 :)

    1. petiteflower

      Maybe I should go for chandelier earrings instead?

  3. Melody Saw

    you are one of few ladies who can look good in a tweed dress.

    1. petiteflower

      Hahaha, most people associate tweed dress with old age. 😀 Thanks again for a fun afternoon!

  4. SWQ

    行为艺术挺有趣的哈,理解上也可以见仁见智。。。 那些黑衣者不也如同“吸血鬼”一般?! 光天化日之下需要打伞避光,成群结伙,狼狈为奸,用“棍子”把路人打昏后,又用那根又长又粗的吸管吞噬尸体的脑髓。。。咦呦,俺写着都觉得恶心!!!

    艺术真的是无处不在。 话剧是艺术,行为表演是艺术,绘画是艺术,照相是艺术,你的时尚展现更是艺术;其实日常生活中我们每个人的一言一行,一举一动,举手投足,待人接物,何尝不是我们“艺术”素养的体现呢?!

    言归正传,非常得体的一身(与场合搭配),展现出了你高贵与优雅的气质。。。只可惜,IMHO,最后那件黑外套不够“艺术”。。。你觉得呢? :)

    1. petiteflower

      Such a vivid imagination, I am impressed!