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Happy Friday, everyone!

I can’t believe this weather, can you? Temperature dropped faster than the leaves! It means coats, boots, hats, gloves, scarves, all start to pile up on us. This is supposed to be a fashion blog, I can’t just show you jeans + jacket with my neck totally wrapped looks for the next four months, or can I? With you, my dear friends, in mind, I braved the cold and showed some legs, though a lot less than last time. ;D

Must have leather jackets for cold weather, it is not just cool, it is also warm. For years, I’d been lust after a Rick Owens leather biker jacket, finally I got one last winter. Once put it on, you’d understand what all the fuss is about — it is tight, it is warm, it is attitude. You know I am not quite the simplicity type, I have to add more! 😀 Here is my final look:

IMG_7480 IMG_7484 IMG_7488 IMG_7505IMG_7510

I began to get used to taking self-portraits in public places when there are not a whole of people, but one thing I haven’t thought much about and was caught by total surprise, was the attention from security staff. Yeap, security. As I was taking my last shot, a security staff approached and asked me to stop. “You are not allow to take picture on private property and the people on it.” “No, I am only taking picture of myself.” “I can have you thrown out and banged from this property!” “but why?” “You are taking photos with a tripod, you need a permit.”…I won’t bore you with the rest of the details, folks. Let’s just say, I called the property management, got a copy of some application form for future use. Needless to say, one should follow public rules when situation applies and one is made aware. In other times, I’d apologize and pack up immediately. There was something about how I felt that day, I’ve decided not to fled, but to finish my shoot and leave at my own pace.


Thank you very much for reading! See you then next post!

:: Outfit ::

Leather Biker Jacket:: Rick Owens (here and here)
Skirt :: Anthropology (old)
Studded Boots :: Jeffery Campbell (here)
Motocycle Bag :: Balenciaga City(in many colors here, here and here)
Accessories :: Chanel sunglasses


10 comments on “Punk Lux :: Biker Ensemble & The Tougher Guy

  1. We He

    Love your style of fashion and WRITING!

    1. Petiteflower

      Thank you, dear! I am glad you found the story amusing. 😀

  2. Joyce Mung

    What an experience! Reminds me several years ago, the staff asked me to pay much higher entrance fee because I carried a tripod when I walked into a mission located near my place. Anyway, like the RO leather jacket a lot, so cool and warm:) And the Balenciaga city highlights the entire outfits! Looking forward to your new posts!

    1. Petiteflower

      Public places like that can be a pain to photographers, unfortunately.

  3. samba

    Cool jacket and boots! What a story! Can’t believe he let you take a pic with him:-)

    1. Petiteflower

      Of course he didn’t! I didn’t even know he walked in my shot until I downloaded the pictures that night.:D How ironic!

  4. Susan Zong

    Never thought the little tripod will cost so much trouble. I couldn’t see the point. Anyway, finally find the way to leave comment on your blog. So happy to see you doing the great job. Go girl. The outfit definitely cool and fun looking, love the shoes too, i see the attitude,,,:-)

    1. Petiteflower

      Yeah! Those boots is a riot. 😀

  5. Melody Saw

    Love the whole composition.
    So funny in the photo you go the security guy. It happened to me so many times.

    1. petiteflower

      Your camera must be drawing more attention. 🙂