Red Eye Rescue

Greetings from London, my dear friends! We are here for spring break, it is great to see this beautiful city again. As the kids get older, we found ourselves travel longer distance, often, overseas for holidays. In the past, One thing about these overseas flights is that they are often red-eye, especially the ones going to London and Paris. After departure, landing and meals, one really doesn’t get more than three hours of solid sleep. What could we do to ensure our body and skin stay in good shape so we could hit the ground running in the morning when we land? After a few trips like this, I now have a complete in flight skin care plan that I’d love to share with you.

First thing first, keep skin hydrated. I’ve tried applying more cream, drinking more water, spraying mists…nothing is as effective and effortless as using a hydration sheet mask. It doesn’t matter what brand, as long as it is a hydration-focused, or one of those multifunctional with hydrating benefits. I want to street sheet mask because it is much easier to pack, apply and dispose.

My routine now is drink enough water, do some stretch exercise (if possible), clean my face with facial wipes, put on the sheet mask and my beloved lip sleeping mask, then go to sleep.

This time, when I was shopping for facial masks, I also found this hand mask. It worked pretty well, leaving my hand very soft and moist for a hour or so, the effect didn’t last too long, however, I’d still recommend it over hand cream for in-flight care,

The area I don’t have the best solution for mask-wise is the eyes. If you are prone to puffy eyes or dark circle, An red-eye flight will just make it worse. I tried to use consealer to cover them but it just dries out the skin around the eye more. When I got this multi-acitive eye cream from Clarins, my problem is solved. Before I apply any makeup, after I take off the sheet mask, I apply less than a pea size amount around the eye area then massage with the smooth metal tip, a couple of minutes later, my eyes are brighten and ready for makeup. At this point, a thin application of cushion (mainly for SPF and light coverage) and a few dabs of concealer would be all I need for a fresh-looking day even my actual sleep time is much less than ideal.

I’ve been using this eye cream in the morning whenever I feel I didn’t get enough rest the night before. Here is another video of me using the product and hopefully it give you a better view with the good window light.Thank you so much for reading! See you in my next post!

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TOME sweater;
Art Dept silk bomber & shorts;
God Save Queens bodysuit;


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    1. petiteflower

      So glad you like the brand! I’ve been using its product since 2008!