Seaside Romance :: Cropped Ballerina Top & Midi Trumpet Skirt

Aloha, my dear friends! Greeting from Hawaii, it seems like “Aloha” is all you need to say when you greet some one or see them off. Although I am in the island where most refer to as “paradise”, the pictures I am about to show you are from Venice Beach, California, where I visited last fall. What is in common about these two places is they are both beautiful towns by the seaside.Petiteflowerpresents Reformation-2

As do other beach towns we’ve visited in the past, places like Venice Beach or Kapolei for that matter, all have this romantic aura, when one enters their borders, there is a sense of enlightenment and relaxation, or shall we say, vacation-mode. 🙂Petiteflowerpresents Reformation-3Petiteflowerpresents Reformation-11

Fancy restaurants overlooking the ocean, small boutique shops, tiny galleries that feature local artists’ works, and of course, quaint ice cream parlor, are the usual suspects of these towns. Must have ice cream parlor, must have soft-serve or froyo. In the case the line is too long for those, you get other sweets like cupcakes, or cotton candy like I did. Okay, fine, I bought the cotton candy because I wanted something colorful and a good excuse to sit in the cute arm chair outside of the shop. ;DPetiteflowerpresents Reformation 2-2 Petiteflowerpresents Reformation 2-4

I was wearing Reformation from head to toe. The skirt has such incredible move I felt it was dancing permnantely around my feet when I walked. My affection towards Reformation is known (my previous experience and review here & here), their designs are always on point with a focus on girly chic, fabric and cuts are superb (for the price point), and on top of all that, pocket-book friendly. I have subsequently bought more clothing from them, some would be revealed in my Hawaiian outfit posts, stay tuned!Petiteflowerpresents Reformation-13 Petiteflowerpresents Reformation-7

(All pics in this post are taken by my dear friend E)

Thank you so much for reading! Aloha and see you in my next post!

(Reformation cropped top & high-low skirt; Christian Louboutin pump; Simon Rocha bag<similar>; Lack of Color hat; Ippolita earrings & necklaces; Dior sunglasses; )


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      Cool beans! I’d be happy to provide more info, put some out on this blog already but you are welcome to text me anytime and we can chat more!

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      Thank you! Cropped top always help elevate the waist line and make our legs looks longer. 🙂