Secret Sauce of Styling :: Black Biker & White Maxi

Hello, my friends! It is Monday again! I was going to post this last night, but I thought I’d save such a “serious” topic for beginning of the week when everyone is more alert, because I will only reveal the secret once. ;D

What makes a look / outfit “wow” instead of “good’? I wanted to say “drama” but I thought about it over the weekend and I changed my mind to “drama + harmony”. It is very much like a good show, you gotta have overall harmony so it is pleasant, and a heap dose of conflicts that will grab the attention.PetiteFlowerPresents Maison Margiela-22PetiteFlowerPresents Maison Margiela-12

Brilliant as you are, you know what I am about to say of today’s outfit: black versus white, drama! Right but not quite right. The color combination of black & white is so classic and almost no fail, I consider them harmony. It is strong, reliable and expected, just how a look should be overall. One can accomplish harmony through matchings of color, pattern, texture and shape.PetiteFlowerPresents Maison Margiela-15PetiteFlowerPresents Maison Margiela-28

We need drama to make the story more interesting, don’t we? In this particular case, drama is coming from the conflicts of strong and soft. Silk maxi dress is soft and feminine, whereas leather biker jacket is tough and strong. The contrast gets an amplification through metal-caped sneakers, and the boater hat set the overall tone to masculine. The bag / clutch has a rigid shape but fluid color, which plays off the silver cap toe of the shoes. It is like the supporting roles, often comical or equally good/bad but not quite as prominent as the main characters.
PetiteFlowerPresents Maison Margiela-9 PetiteFlowerPresents Maison Margiela-27

I would do bleeding red lips and nails for this look, not the black ones, to stay on the good girl side. Ran out of time for nail polish change so I kept it all natural. Now I feel more like a member of some poet society. ;D

PetiteFlowerPresents Maison Margiela-20

Thank you so much for reading! I’ve put on another spin on this dress, which will lead to a different topic of styling, stay tuned! See you in my next post!

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