Seeing Purple :: Fancy Tweed & Studded Patent

Hello, my friends, greetings from a moving train! At the quite hour, I am heading towards home while replaying this weekend in my head. Came up to the Big Apple yesterday and it has been an exciting and exhausting 40 hours. My partner and I met with a few designers we’ve been admiring, we hope these meetings will result in future collaborations and take our business to a new level. ^-^ I will share more with you when we have better knowledge of what is going to happen.

Today’s outfit was actually photographed a few days ago outside our local Apple store. At any given (business) hour, that store is filled with people wanting to experience its products and/or having its products. How pervasive it must be for an electronics brand to have its own stand alone store in many cities all over the world! Now I have a business of my own, whenever I see a successful one, I ask the same question: how did it get there? or more importantly, how can I get there?
IMG_5430IMG_5434 IMG_5453

Certainly standing outside posing for pictures would not do. Has to take the first step, then the second, then the third…however small. There are and will be plenty of times that we make mistakes, have set backs, at the end, they make us stronger and wiser. The only things that are tough and allowed to stay that way, should be those studs on my shoes. 😀

Thank you so much for reading! Now I am back in town, I will resume my pace for posting, see you in a couple of days!

:: Outfit ::

Tweed Jacket :: Chanel (similar here and here);
Cotton Peplum Blouse ::  Kenzo ( similar here);
Cropped Boyfriend Jeans :: Mother (here);
Studded Patent Pump :: Valentino (new season here)
Accessories :: Celine bag / Phantom;
Chanel sunglasses; Cheri Couture pearl earrings;




10 comments on “Seeing Purple :: Fancy Tweed & Studded Patent

  1. Danxuan

    Love the look! Relaxed yet stylish. Love that bag!

    1. petiteflower

      Thank you, Danxuan! I got this phantom bag a few years ago, it was love at first sight. Although it cannot be zipped up like the Luggage tote, I like it more because it is more versatile. 🙂

  2. butuo

    Dear, you looks fabulous. Your English is also great. Do you mind sharing a few tips ?

    1. petiteflower

      Thank you, Butuo! My English is conversational, I guess it is because I was forced to use it all the time ever since I got to the US. One of the things I want to do better is writing.

  3. 揽香

    Beautiful. Agree with Danxuan, relaxed and chic. Love the purple studs. Love all your posts. And have expectation every morning to see your new post – too greedy 

    1. petiteflower

      Thank you, dear! Your comment certainly encourages me to post often. 🙂 One post a day might be a bit too much for me now and I don’t want to compromise on quality, but I will definitely keep updating at a good pace. 🙂

  4. Renata Benedict

    Love this look, well put together. 🙂 These Valentinos are my all time favorite!
    I own them as well, but in nude. Would love to have them in every color imaginable. 🙂

    1. petiteflower

      Tell me about it! I would love to have each of the new candy colors. 🙂 Nude is a great one to have.

      1. delia

        Xiao Hua , how are you ? Like to see your post very much . Got so much knowledge of the fashion matching . Thanks for the nice post every week .
        Your shoes are nice looking , are they comfortable ? Expensive investment for the shoes , what color do you use often ? Thanks!

        1. petiteflower

          Welcome and thank you, Delia! Are you referring to the rock stud pumps? Yes, they are comfortable, comparing to other 4-inch heels I have worn. For your first pair, it really depends on the common colors of your outfits and existing shoes. I would go for a neutral color (black w/ nude trimmings, all black, nude, even navy) for more frequent wear, but if you have plenty of black and nude pumps, I will pick a more colorful pair such as red or cobalt, even pale yellow or purple like mine.

          Hope you find your ideal pair soon! Send me a picture when you do! 🙂