She & He :: Hybrid Shirt & Butterfly Collar

Happy weekend, my friends! Today I am taking some fashion risks, so don’t write me off if this one is not your cup of tea. ;D

Since my zodiac sign says I should be adventurous, I naturally inclined to try explore and try new things, from food to clothing. I am that friend you have who doesn’t like to watch the same movie again, or ordering the same thing from the same restaurant all the time, or wearing the same outfit twice in a week…fine, we do order the same food again and again, but that is because the boys won’t try others!

Back to outfit! You’ve probably heard of the term “unisex” dressing one too many times, but have you seen hybrid dressing much besides the carnival costume? When I saw this shirt online, I was intrigued! When I tried it on, it looked even better than I had expected: on one side it is a boyish shirt; on the other side, it looks like a tennis skirt with awesome pleats.

There are infinite ways to style this shirt, with shorts, shirts, culotte, skinny pants, long skirts…all depends on the bottoms and accessories, it can be very boy-like, or super feminine. For today’s look, I paired with tweed shorts and a pair of clogs to enhance the boyish side. Heathered camp sock echoes with the short, also creates an illusion of short boots. A butterfly collar and jewel-tone bag are added to get some balance, and here we are, a pretty androgynous look, no?5S6A96635S6A9746 5S6A9770

A little story about the photo shoot: as we were scouting out a nice spot along the canal, a girl approached me wanting to take a photo of my outfit. That was a first! She looked like she was going to have her picture taken as well, so I asked what was she doing? Can you guess what she said? She turned out to be a fellow style blogger from the DC area! Meet sweet and stylish Tasha from the Glossier, folks! That girl knows her way around camera! 🙂5S6A9593

Thank you so much for reading! Wish you a wonderful weekend and see you in my next post!

(Oak shirt; Vivetta collar; Proenza Schouler shorts; Rochas clogs; J Crew socks; Chanel bag; Dior sunglasses)

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10 comments on “She & He :: Hybrid Shirt & Butterfly Collar

  1. Linna

    I thought the shirt looked quite plain online; the way you paired it with the shorts and the accessory ( THE collar) is just stunning! Also loved your hair!

    1. petiteflower

      Yes, the shirt was not a stand-out plus it looked shorter on the model. I didn’t buy into it until I tried it on, glad I made the purchase.

      I did an inverted French braid to get a little mohawk feel. 😀

  2. brighting

    That is definitely my cup of tea! Butterfly Collar adds vintage feel. I love the shirt also it matches perfectly with your ponytail..

    1. petiteflower

      I can see you wearing this outfit, maybe with those awesome loafers you have instead of clog and keep your hair the romantic way. 🙂

      1. brighting

        I get some sleeveless high low shirts from BCBG, but don’t look really impressive. Can you give me some ideas how you dress high low shirts? I think high low shirts are for tall woman? Thanks

        1. petiteflower

          It all depends on the material and cut. If it is soft and flowy, I’d pair with skinny jeans or maxi skirt (preferably with a slit) for that easy and romantic look, but if it is a pretty rigid material (like neoprene, tweed, or khaki), I would wear it like a vest and layer with something soft, relaxed like harem pants and stripy sandals.

    1. petiteflower

      Wow, Janecia, another coincidence! Thank you so much for letting me know, you know your runways very well!

  3. 揽香

    Every element in this outfit is quite a character! Thumb up!

    1. petiteflower

      Thank you, dear! It is a bit unusual, glad that you like it. 🙂