Sports Chic :: Oversized Sweatshirt & Flouncy Skirt

Hello, dear friends! I hope you had a great beginning of the week, it is definitely fall for us here on the East Coast now. Sweatshirt and cotton sweaters are best for weather like this, good warmth but not as warm as their woolly sisters.

It is an absolute sartorial bliss that sporty chic is The Thing these days, suburban moms like me benefit the most. Not only it requires less clothing change when one roll from activities to dinner party (moms know how precious 10 minutes is on a busy day), we can also be seen as fashion-forward instead of the other way around. The trick is, pick the right sweatshirt and accessorize the right way.

There are basically two kinds of sweatshirts out there: the designer kind and the regular kind. A designer sweatshirt usually will have some glam elements such as leather, embellishment, embroidery or signature pattern / print. Those are show pieces themselves, need little effort to dress up,  any kind of skirt and fun shoes would make them street style savvy and party-appropriate. Dress them down, say, to your kid’s soccer game (because you love it so much you have to wear it all the time), requires some calculation. The bottoms and shoes have to be more muted, like a pair of dark jeans or slacks, plus those platform tennis shoes / loafers that are so in these days. You’d look polished and tall, both are good advantage to have in a soccer match. ;D Earlier this spring, I wore such a sweatshirt, both ways.

The other kind of sweatshirt, the regular kind, is simple and often, plain. Not that much different than a collage hoody minus the hood. There may or may not be a cute saying or logo printed, like the one I wore in today’s outfit. I bought it during Net A Porter’s winter sale and I went for a size larger than my usual one. The reason being is I want to exaggerate the oversize aspect of it, making sure the edge would fall right beneath my behind. My only intention for this oversized sweatshirt is to dress it up, I couldn’t wear it with baggy pants like the models off-duty because I am a few inches shorter and cannot pull that “do-not-disturb” expression very well. ;D
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What I did was adding a few things that are more polished, such as the silk scarf and satin flouncy skirt. I kept my jewelry minimal so they don’t overpower the whole look. Some might prefer a stack of dainty rings or statement bangles, that  would be fine as well.5S6A8801 5S6A8900 5S6A8882 5S6A8853

Thank you so much for reading! I hope give you a little boost of sweatshirt wearing. Later I will compile a collage with more editorial and street style examples. See you in my next post!

(LPD sweatshirt; Lanvin skirt; Alexander McQueen sandals; Chanel bag; Hermes scarf;)

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3 comments on “Sports Chic :: Oversized Sweatshirt & Flouncy Skirt

  1. Berry

    Should it be intention instead of intension? Nice and creative outfit

    1. petiteflower

      Thanks for the catch! I’ve corrected it. Glad that you like the outfit. 🙂

      1. Berry

        Welcome:) I enjoy reading every article you wrote.