Spring Soiree :: Big Cuffs & Printed Flowers

Hello, my friends! One type of event,  probably on most people’s spring time agenda, is social engagements, for this is the season of weddings, graduations, mother’s day, new season at the opera, etc. Almost every month, this the a need to really dress up, and if you are like me, would hate to wear the same LBD, LWD, again and again. What should a fashionista do? Buy more dresses that can’t easily repurposed? Rent the runway? or, maybe, we can do a little DIY.

The idea is pairing two wardrobe staples together but in a new, more dramatic way. What we need is a classic white button down, collared shirt, most man’s shirt style would do. The drama is from how we gonna wear the shirt, not a front knot with a peek of lace underneath, which would be the IN way to wear a button-down for day time, for big parties, we need more skin. ;D So we gonna turn the shirt backwards, leave most the button unbuttoned except maybe the last two, viola, here is your new, chic, backless top!5S6A5978jcrewfloral-1jcrewfloral-2

Adorn your back with some jewels, the fancier the event, the fancier the jewel. In my case, I am going to the opera, so I wore a simple silver tassel necklace backwards to keep it subtle. If I were going to a wedding or black-tie, I’d wear pearls, diamonds, maybe even a few layers and let them drape in the back.jcrewfloral-13

Choice of bottom should be as posh as you can manage, ball skirt, velvet, silk shantung, sateen, lace… Knee-length or midi for daytime and maxi-length for evening. My favorite is a full skirt, in today’s case, a floral-print ball skirt. Both color and prints are very feminine and youthful, perfect for spring time. If you are conservative with prints, especially big prints, keep them in a similar color scheme and away from your face is a good way to experiment. I’ve come across this online store based in Hong Kong that sells hundreds of printed full skirts of various lengths at very reasonable prices, so even if you want to change up the skirt for different occasions, it is totally manageable.jcrewfloral-8jcrewfloral-9 jcrewfloral-4

One of the year’s biggest style asset, as we have discussed before, is sleeves. The bigger, the more dramatic, the better. Off shoulder tops with big sleeves are excellent alternative to a button down for this party look. Or if you’d prefer some drama to the top but not overly sizzling, consider those button-downs with oversized cuff. Mine happens to have French cuffs so I just unbuttoned it but left the bee cufflinks on for a little homage to the floral print.5S6A6100

The overall look has a pretty strong spring garden vibes, dramatic but not overly expensive, polished and playful at the same time, if I can say so. To continue on that note, I paired it with rose-gold metallic pumps for that hidden Cinderella pleasure only the wearer would enjoy; and a bird-faced micro bag just cute enough not to put you over the fence of being too girly. If you don’t want to go down the micro bag route, a clutch of leather, pixie glass, or even woven fabric would be great alternatives. I’d keep the sparkle to minimal because we don’t want the bag to steal the show. ^^jcrewfloral-115S6A6116

Thank you so much for reading! Would love to see the party looks you put together if you’d like to share via commenting below. Until my next post!

Outfit Details:

Alaia shirt <budget style>;
J Crew skirt <similar>;
Gianvito Rossi PVC pump;
Fendi bag <alternative>;
Chanel sunglasses;
Noname tassel necklace <similar>;
Chan Luu earrings;
Balenciaga ring;
Casecavern phone case


6 comments on “Spring Soiree :: Big Cuffs & Printed Flowers

    1. petiteflower

      Yay, thank you girl! I guess for special occasions, be bold is not a bad idea? 😀

    1. petiteflower

      Thank you, Alyssa! Shop in our own closets is always a fun thing!

  1. Nathalie

    I simply adore your idea of wearing the shirt backwards. It looks very dramatic and amazing on you Holly!

    xo, Nathalie


    1. petiteflower

      Thank you, Nathalie! It’s been done a lot these days, how fun and cool to do that and save money, too! 🙂