Out of The Blue

Hello, my dear friends! Once in a while, I talk about beauty instead of fashion, today I want to talk about fragrance. I believe scent is also part of a person’s style profile, using the right scent can amplified the aurora an outfit is designed to project.

In general, I am not an avid fragrance user, I have a pretty sensitive nose, heavy scents bothers me. When I do use fragrance, I prefer mine to be fresh, uncomplicated and not too sweet. In a way, it is very similar to my styling philosophy: elegant, with a little twist and sometimes, not at all girly.

When I was presented the new L’eau Bleau from Miu Miu, I felt a strong connection. With notes of lily of valley, akigalawood and honeysuckle, it is just what I had said in the previous paragraph —  fresh, uncomplicated and not too sweet. The bottle is also the kind I like, crystal, aqua blue with multiple vertical edges which are smooth to the touch but not too smooth to grip.

Today’s look is totally inspired by this fragrance. The silk blouse with swallow prints is feminine and classy, I threaded three beaded pins (special edition from Miu Miu) with a leather string, then layered them on top of the silk neck tie for an unexpected touch and some playfulness, like lily of valley.

The flare and big-cuff denim is a loud yet still relatable, like the akigalawood. Then came the wicker basket bag, very common, down to earth and very sweet, honeysuckle.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you are inspired to try reverse styling, put together an outfit to embody your favorite fragrance. Please share if you do! See you in my next post!

<Many thanks to Miu Miu for partnership with this post!>

Outfit Details:

Miu Miu silk blouse;
Miu Miu sunglasses;
Off-White denim;
Vetements boots;
Frame buckled belt;
Zara basket bag;


4 comments on “Out of The Blue

    1. petiteflower

      Thank you so much, sweet Mia!

  1. Diana

    I haven’t tried that fragrance but will have a sniff when I’m next to the beauty counter. Your sensitive nose will struggle in the middle east as they literally bathe in fragrance, especial strong Oud x

    1. petiteflower

      I can only imagine! I know fragrance is a huge thing in the Middle East, I don’t know if I can ever get used to it. 😀