Dots & Stripes

Hello, my dear friends! There is a great chance you might have heard of, or at least seen the works of,  Japanese artist Yayoyi Kusama. The impression I had of her work was colorful, surreal and loud (not in a bad way). When her works finally made the rounds to DC, you bet I was one of the first in line to check them out. Little did I expect to learn, the life story of the artist and what gave her the inspirations (you can read more about it here), I left astonished with a tremendous amount of admiration and respect for Kusama. 

Most of Kusama’s work in this exhibition are multimedia installments involving shapes, mirrors and lights. They are visually stunning but hard to photograph. At the end of the exhibition, the organizer set up a white room (Obliteraion Room)  where everything is white and blank. The visitors are given a sheet of colorful dot stickers, then they are allowed to place the dots wherever they want. It is very fun to see how patterns begin to form and then overwhelmed by the later placed dots.
Highlight of my outfit was the opposite of dots, stripes. The pattern stands out but the whole look has the same playfulness of this room. 

Just a quik note, the new pant shape of this season is relaxed chino, almost culottes-like. I’ve found a few pairs of various price points for you to check out on the shopping page.

Thank you so much for reading! If you are in the DC area, Yayoyi Kusama : Infinite Mirrors will be on exhibition until May 14 . reserve your tickets online (free) before you go! See you in my next post!

Outfit Details:

TOME striped shirt <on sale, more here>;
Dries Van Noten pants <similar here>;
Stutterheim raincoat in sand <more colors here>;
Manu Atelier bag <more colors and styles here>;
Jeffery Campbell boots <more colors here>;
Linda Farrow sunglasses;


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  1. sweatshirtsanddresses1

    I was so gutted to miss this exhibit in Dubai! Looks absolutely brilliant and love your look, need a pair of pants like that xx