Style Challenge :: Thigh-High Boots & Loose Knits

Hello, everyone, long time no “see”! πŸ™‚ Had some friends in town, the weekend was busy, fun, busy! My girls and I spent considerable amount of time chatting, giggling and styling. The biggest challenge for outfitting women our age is where the hemline should be? Yes, I am speaking metaphorically, but in today’s case, it is a real question.

Who owns thigh-high boots but not a owner of Miranda Kerr legs? Both hands and feet raised here! The key, IMHO, is to create the illusion of longer legs, which probably cannot be accomplished by wearing mini skirts and hot pants. We are talking about the “older” women here, remember? So my solution is: 1) find the right pair of over-the knee boots. If the top of the boots hit right around the smaller part of your thigh, it is the right height. Because when put on, the boots will get all the attention and the top line of them will be the focal point, you want it to be at the most complimentary spot of your thigh; and 2) move the hemline up by pairing with shorter tops, such as a jacket that hits right below your behind or a leather jacket with jeans. On a warm spring day, I swapped the leather jacket for a high-low sweater.IMG_7134 IMG_7136 IMG_7141

The entire outfit was comfortable and casual enough for me to play with the boys in the playground. We took turns climbing this slope, the older one did his amazing stunts (a.k.a. climbing downwards) and I nearly fell off once. No, no, it was not because of my boots, it was because of the little one pulling on my bag. πŸ˜€IMG_7196 IMG_7162 IMG_7238-2IMG_7184

Thank you very much for reading! The next post is something to look forward to, ’cause my girls will make a guest appearance. ^-^ Have a wonderful week!

:: Outfit ::

Metallic Cropped Sweater :: Juice Couture (similarΒ here);
Silk Shirt :: Equipment ( many optionsΒ here);
Dark Wash Jeans :: J Brand / Photo-Ready Impression (here);
Thigh-High Boots :: Chanel (similar here);
Accessories :: Givenchy bag / Pandora
Ippolita bangles; Chanel sunglasses;



6 comments on “Style Challenge :: Thigh-High Boots & Loose Knits

  1. bonnie

    very nice casual outfit

    1. petiteflower

      Thank you and welcome, Bonnie!

  2. SWQ

    You do have little sense of humor! πŸ™‚

    As for the illusion, I believe this magic only works on slim & straight legs. This type of boots tend to amplify either way… “tree trunk” be aware… πŸ™‚

    1. SWQ

      Did I forget to mention, these boots worked perfect on you!

      1. petiteflower


    2. petiteflower

      Haha, SWQ, I must say sir yourself have a little sense of humor. πŸ™‚