Style Challenge :: Wide-Leg Pants & Brenton Strips

Hello, my friends! Before we know it, it is the weekend again! Couldn’t be happier about the raising temperature, which means there will be lots of blossom and less layers of clothing! It also prompted me to wear my new favorite wide-leg pants more before it gets too warm to wear such thick fabric.

Have to admit, I have a thing for wide-leg pants. Perhaps it was because my mom used to wear those long, flowing ones that looked almost like skirts, I perceive them as being feminine and elegant. When the world was taken over by the skinnies and the super skinnies, I still wear my wide-leg pants occasionally. This summer, they are having a full come back, in cropped style, with a new name “culotte“. This is really great news for us moms, for we always enjoy styles that are both chic and agile.

The biggest challenge of my pants is, the length. For the vertically challenged, i.e. moi, it is the awkward length that appeared to be too long for culotte but not-long enough as regular pants. As much as I admire the way it is presented on the runway, or how Michelle Harper wore it, I need to find ways to make my legs look long enough. 🙂 So, my solution is to move the focal point up by wearing a cropped top. The horizontal line of the breton top also visually broadened my upper body so it is more balanced against the width of the pants.IMG_8700 IMG_8704IMG_8732

My last touch was a head scarf. Why? I don’t know. It must be I’ve been watching “My Love From the Star“, the female lead always wear a head scarf. 😀IMG_8783IMG_8892 IMG_8849

Thank you so much for reading! See you in my next post!

:: Outfit ::

Cropped Brenton Top :: Zara  (here);
Wide Leg Pants :: Simon Rocha (similar here);
Calf Hair Pump :: Fendi  (similar here & here);
Accessories :: Bottega Veneta bag;
David Yurman earrings; Isabel Marant necklace;
Hermes scarf; Elizabeth & James sunglasses


20 comments on “Style Challenge :: Wide-Leg Pants & Brenton Strips

  1. lisa


    1. petiteflower

      Thank you, Lisa! I am super happy that you like this outfit, was paying attention not to over accessorize. 🙂

  2. 隐形天使


    1. petiteflower

      Thank you, angle!

  3. danxuan

    I feel this look is a bit of vintage. Super chic. You’re amazing.

    1. petiteflower

      Thank you, Danxuan! Yes, now you’ve mentioned it, I think the breton stripe and the wide-leg sort of resembles Coco Chanel’s outfit when she first started wearing men’s clothing. 🙂

  4. Linna

    Wow! This outfit is an just an amazing eye candy! Love love love it!

    1. petiteflower

      Thanks, Linna! Spring is here, we need to have fun. 🙂

  5. 揽香

    Love love this pairing!

    1. petiteflower

      Thank you, dear!

  6. Joyce Mung

    This outfit is so lovely! Like the Hermes scarf hair band the most! You are so creative!!!

    1. petiteflower

      Thank you, Joyce! I am working on a step-by-step instruction on how to make the hairband on your own. 🙂

  7. Tina

    Bravo! Only you can pull off this look. It is very stylish and fun!

    1. petiteflower

      Thank you very much, Tina!

  8. SWQ

    Judging those people in the background, I bet they all felt that you were the one from the star! 🙂

    As much as I admire your braveness in front of W.H. and determination to withstand coldness, I do also appreciate your clever choice of this lovely match and well planed strategy / thoughts behind all these…

    Summer was yet there, but you certainly brought in a taste of it already…

    1. SWQ

      不好意思,您那是在庄严的国会山庄前,俺给走眼写成了W.H.。。。 唉,这年头俺一看见白房子就联想起WHITE HOUSE。。。 这不几年前回国,胡同里看见一厕所漆得那叫一个白呀,俺就。。。 :)

      1. petiteflower

        Again, super imaginative!

    2. petiteflower

      Haha, it was a warm cloudy day, perfect for outdoor photos, actually. 🙂

      The background building is the Capitol, but you are on the other side of the country, I don’t blame you. ;D

  9. miha

    Amazing look. love everything from head to toe <3

    1. petiteflower

      Thank you and welcome, Miha! 🙂