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Hello, dear friends! It is the weekend again, which means events, events, events! I want explore a few event-friendly looks but more importantly, I want to discuss some fundamentals of styling because that seems to be a more burning question I received in feedbacks. How to style a look?

Styling a look, just like doing anything else, needs a purpose. I normally ask myself, where I am going in it? Business? Kid’s school function? Night out with my girls? House party? Dinner with the hubs?…for each occasion, there might be an implied dress code, even though I have the reputation of breaking rules, I still respect the code. 🙂

With the code in mind, it is time for inspiration and today we will just focus on that. We will get into the technicals in subsequent posts. Style inspirations, where to find them? My biggest inspiration sources are, not in particular order, fashion shows, magazines, street style websites (I have a few listed on my “Inspirations” page), fellow bloggers and department store catalogues. You might be laughing at the last one but it is true. Catalogues often provide outfits that mix various designers and they are expertly put together. Although I rarely copy any look from head to toe, I always find good ideas that I can use to create looks with things I already have or plan to purchase. I clip these inspirations physically if they are in print or collect them online using Pinterest (you can see my inspiration boards here and here).

Too busy and no time for that? No problemo! Often, inspirations are all around us in our everyday lives! The spring flowers your neighbor planted together and the colors just look great together; the juxtaposition of cultures at a street festival; the glam girl graphics on your Doll Memories T-shirt…all can inspire a look that will fit one of the occasions.
PetiteFlowerPresents Doll Memories T-6 PetiteFlowerPresents Doll Memories T-5PetiteFlowerPresents Doll Memories T-2

It is quite obvious where I got my inspiration from for today’s look. I styled the T-shirt with a maxi skirt, head scarf, sunglasses, just like the lady in the picture, then I threw in the tassel earrings for fun and mini bag for practicality. The belt was necessary because the skirt was too long for a low heel, I folded part of the waist inward then belted it like a paper bag. Overall, the look is glam but very carefree, totally appropriate for a cocktail party on the beach or even pool party. I would switch the bandana for a leaf hair band like this one and using a box clutch instead if more glam is needed, say, a resort wedding.
PetiteFlowerPresents Doll Memories T-15 PetiteFlowerPresents Doll Memories T-13 PetiteFlowerPresents Doll Memories T-18

Special mention about Doll Memories, you saw me wearing their silk blouse in a previous post. When I was contacted by Doll Memories for collaboration, I was thrilled. No one speaks fashionista better than them, and the hand-drawn prints are just adorable! I was actually contemplating a few items but they beat me to it. Quality is superb for the price point. The t-shirt you see I am wearing, has been machine washed once, the collar still holds the shape and the body is almost wrinkle free. I couldn’t say that about several popular t-shirt brands I own.PetiteFlowerPresents Doll Memories T-14

Thank you so much for reading! More styling talk coming soon! See you in my next post!

(Doll Memories t-shirt <c/o>; Alice & Olivia skirt <similar>; Chloe sandals; Valentino bag; Dior sunglasses <20% off with Sak’s friends & family event, code: FRAFAM2>; Jose & Maria Barrera earrings<turquoise>; Isabel Marant belt<new season>; Zara bandana;)


8 comments on “Style Inspiration :: Printed T & Maxi Skirt

  1. Lydia

    不好意思, 有点看不懂。 头饰有点莫名其妙 :)上半身及头部的风格和下身的希腊式长裙有点无厘头, 除非你追求的就是无厘头效果。嗯, 年轻漂亮就是任性 :)这样的头饰花色见过那个冲色妹妹搭的最好看。

    1. petiteflower


  2. Kate

    Love it Holly! I’m guilty of getting inspiration from brand catalogs and department stores too 🙂
    i love that you’ve mentioned the trick on how to make your skirt suitable for smaller heels. Thank you! Now I know how to pair mine with flats 🙂

    1. petiteflower

      That is great to know! Another trick is to pull the skirt all the way to chest, belt or not belt the waist, then it is a midi dress instead of skirt. 🙂

      1. Kate

        I recently thought that I can save lots of money buying skirts instead of dresses 🙂 Wrap skirt with belt creates the type of the dress that flatters me most.

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  4. Erin

    The skirtttttttt is so amazing!!! I love this look <3

    1. petiteflower

      Thank you so much, Erin!