Surrealism Masterpieces :: Black Bunnies & White Flowers

Hello there! I hope you are enjoying your weekend so far. 🙂

On our way down to the island, we decided to take a detour to St. Petersburg, FL, to pay our respect to one of the greatest painters of modern age, Dali. I have been admiring Dali’s work for many years, his paintings are not just a collage of twisted objects in bright colors, each element was included by intension, which gives his paintings layer upon layer meanings, like pealing back an onion, totally fascinating.

During our visit to the Dali Museum, I attended a curated tour of a few Dali’s masterpieces on exhibition. It was simply amazing! Like many who attended the tour, all I could say about what I saw was “Wow!”. Since photography was not allowed inside the gallery, here is a link where you can see Dali’s work and interpretations online to satisfy your curiosity.

Apart from its impressive collection, the building itself is a work of art — a simple rectangle out of which erupts a large free-form geodesic glass bubble known as the “enigma.” Inside the building, there is a helical staircase – recalling Dali’s obsession with spirals and the double helical shape of the DNA molecule. Most visitors choose to pose in front of the “enigma” and the staircase, I was no exception. 🙂

Outside in the garden, we found a bench with the “melting clock”, a Dali signature, as well as a big tree with interesting extensions. Can you guess what are those colorful “leaves” on those strings? My first reaction was wishing tree, like those in Japanese temples, but take a closer look!

Thank you so much for reading! My journey continues, so will this mini outfit diary. See you in the next post!

 :: Outfit ::

Printed Bunny Sweater :: Girl By Band of Outsiders (here)
Printed Fallie Flare Skirt :: Red Valentino (on sale here);
Combat Boots ::  Chanel;
Accessories :: Chloe Marci cross body bag; Nest horn necklace;


4 comments on “Surrealism Masterpieces :: Black Bunnies & White Flowers

  1. Wenyun He

    Love your necklace in this look!!

    1. petiteflower

      Thank you! I love this necklace as well, it is like an instant make-up to many outfits.:)

  2. Melody Saw

    You looked so fresh in blue.
    I like to visit Dali Museum someday.

    1. petiteflower

      Thanks! I am sure you will like that place, so much to see and great place for photography as well.