Floral & Fur

I noticed that I dress up for parties more than ever. In the next few posts, I'd like to share some unconventional party looks styled with everyday pieces, hope you will like them and feel inspired to experiment with what's in your closet already.


The New Casual

The essence of casual is comfort. Oversize means comfort. Boyfriend jeans have been wildly popular because they are extremely comfortable, mom jeans are popular because they make you feel okay to eat...when you marry the two...


Best NYFW Experience

Hello, my dear friends! The past week has been super busy because I was up in New York City for fashion week, it always take a lot of energy to get ready for and recuperate from fashion week frenzy. This is my eighth season with NYFW, each time, I...


Game Changer

From the first image of this post, you might have guessed, the game changer is showing your lace undies, mostly, a peek of your lace top. It has becoming the go-to move  for IT girls to show a sliver of their lace bra/cami underneath their t-shirt/sweater/shirt/blazer, even sweatshirt.


All White

Hello, my dear friends! Are you enjoying the last days of summer? The weather sure took a dive into the cool end, water takes longer to warm up in the morning now. During the day, however, we still get ~ 80F so definitely transitioning. Outfit-wise, I feel very strongly to cleanse the palette a bit, i.e. take out some of the spring/summer colors and replace them with fall/winter hues. The perfect middle ground would be monochrome, because, black/white is always in fashion. ^^

Today’s look was one I wore to lunch one day with friends, casual on top, business on the bottom. The idea of not wearing denim or a skirt is that I wanted to look dressier but not overly feminine because we were at the National Press Club, a very sophisticated but more old-fashioned space.

When style pieces of the same color together, shape, texture and details are styling points to make the whole outfit interesting. In today’s case, it was the balloon sleeves and cropped flare pants. Together, they create a very contemporary shape that is also complimentary.

Many believe with a monochrome outfit, one have to add a pop of color that is dramatic. While it is a very classy move, I personally think a little more subdued color contrast is super elegant. I recently acquired a khaki suede Manu Atelier bag that is very stylish and functional, it is the perfect “understated but not unnoticeable” bag I was looking for. The color is also more neutral which is perfect with today’s all white look.
I went with a pair of wing-tipped style loafers with ultra-platform soles, they are both old-school and funky. Not to mention the trim colors do pick up those on the bag handle.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you find good inspiration in today’s outfit. See you in my next post!

Outfit Details:

Loeil top <similar & affordable: here, here & here>;
Ellery cropped pants <current season on sale, similar on sale here & here>
Gucci loafers <also in black>;
Manu Atelier bag <other colors>;
Dior sunglasses & necklace;
David Yurman Bel Aire necklace & amulet;



Before all that happens, we got back just in time for the peak of Americana - Independence Day. If you are not a flag-flaunting type of girl, maybe you want to give this one a try, a look that is definitely patriotic but not screaming July 4th.


Blooming Season (II)

Hello, my dear friends! Floral prints are pleasant to the eye, they are great for summer looks (winter, too, but it get trickier with fabric and color choices). If you are not that “flower” girl, today I will introduce you to two super budget-friendly way to add floral to your...


Blooming Season (I)

Hello, my dear friends! What is your favorite thing about spring and summer? Mine is flowers, so many of them, all season long. It is never a cliché, to have lots of floral prints for spring/summer designs, naturally. The only thing change from collection to collection is the type of...


Harbor Style

Hello, my dear friends! How was your Mother’s Day weekend? I took the weekend off social media, it was a much needed break. 😀 Meanwhile, it is finally looking like spring here in DC, so long heavy jackets and sweaters, hello t-shirts, dresses and light-weight knits! As my entry...