BFF :: Lightweight Leather & Flounce Tweed

Hola, amigos! It is middle of the week and we are finally seeing some fine weather in the forecast! 🙂 As I’ve mentioned in my last post, I had a few friends in town this past weekend. They are my BFFs in the virtual world, we met right around...


Camel Warm :: Fashion DIY & NYFW

Hello, my friends!  By the time you are reading this post and enjoying your time off, I’ve packed and on my way up north. Some of you may know, there is something big that is happening right now in New York City. No, I am not talking about the...


Texture Play :: Cream Cashmere & Burgundy Leather

Hello everyone! Has the holiday sprit caught up with you? As we marching into the final month of the year, things start to appear on our calendar — girls night out, boys night out, parents night out, holiday parties, dinners, happy hours. It seems as though everyone wants to...