Stir It up

Hello, my friends! How was your Memorial Day weekend? Fashion is forever a spiral, things always come back in fashion but elevated. If you are similar to my age, you might have remember these stir-up leggings back in the early 90’s. Even in the then fashion-blind-folded mainland China, almost every...


Out of The Blue

Hello, my dear friends! Once in a while, I talk about beauty instead of fashion, today I want to talk about fragrance. I believe scent is also part of a person’s style profile, using the right scent can amplified the aurora an outfit is designed to project. In general, I...


London Food Tour

As we discovered the year before, food tour is one of those activities that both grownups and children would enjoy. Without much hesitance, we booked a food tour as part of our London experience.


Suit Yourself

Pressing times like these, we "cheat" with minimal make up, shortened exercise routines, and no-brainer outfits. Even so, we don't have to compromise on style. Today, I am going to show you a super easy way to update your work fashion.


Blazing Through

The jacket can be anything ranging from bomber jacket to trench coat, and among all the possibilities, I like blazer the most for it is sleek, works 24/7, and easy to find the style that works for any body type


Weekend Vibes

The combination of sweatshirt and denim is a classic casual outfit, the seasonal update is the giant grommet lace-up sleeves and the patched, raw edge, step hem jeans.These are trendy details, they will not be as fashionable the next season or the next year, so I would not splurge...

black coat with white jeans side view

Winter White :: Striped Sweater & Sailor Pants

Hello, dear friends! Life is never strictly black and white, but our outfits can. ^^ In the past, I’ve worn several all white outfits in the winter time, and we’ve established that wearing white in the colder months is not only acceptable, but also fashionable. Today’s look is yet another take on...


Serendipity :: Bejeweled Denim & Red Cape

It so happens again that life is unpredictable and one just have to go with the flow. Two unexpected things happened this weekend: snow storm of the century (might be a stretch), and my favorite denim dress (pretty sure about that)!

Forest green lace skirt set by Zara

Art Escape :: Green Lace & Yellow Alma

Hello, my dear friends! I hope you had a great weekend. My kids were psyched at the sight of our first snow, however brief it was. Forecast says there will be more later this week, we all hoped it’d last longer and cumulate a bit, so snowball fight could...