Texture Play :: Leather Variations & Modern Milly

Hello, friends! After an exciting night at the DVF show, we are back to the main venue — Lincoln Center. As soon as one set foot on the sidewalk of Lincoln Center, the atmosphere changed to the more glamorous. Turn left, there are well-dressed people (mostly women) walking by; turn right, there are shutter bugs flashing, accompanied by voices commanding one more photo. It is hard not to feel like a super star, even though I am just a no-name show goer.

BBA_1362-2 BBA_1382-2 BBA_1385-2

Inside the Mercedes Benz tent, the scene is more like a rock concert, only the media pot in the back of the show room tells everyone otherwise. Wait, did I see a cafe, and it is packed? Since when did the ultra-fashionable need to eat?! It is typical for shows to start 20 – 30 minutes late, fashionably late, get it? ;D The show we attended supposed to start at 2pm, when 2:20 came along, people were still finding their seats, saying “Hi” to friends in the industry, and some front-rowers were still getting interviewed.

Then the lights went dark, loud music came up, lights came back on and much brighter, pretty girls wearing beautiful clothes trotting down the runway. The whole procession lasted about 10 minutes. Within another 10, most have left the tent. Apart from the media stand, fashion show is much, much shorter than a rock concert. Did I also mention admission is free (for the invited)? Why would designers spend so much energy to put on shows? and why would people spend so much energy to go to shows? To get on the radar, I guess. When there is over a dozen shows going on every day, lasting for seven days, the whole fashion week is a rock concert, don’t you think?

IMG_4411 IMG_4413

Back to the runway, Milly put on a fun show today — glittering, see-through, tassel and lots, lots of fur. When I saw the models walking down the runway, I knew I had on the wrong outfit. A big knit sweater and feather mini skirt would be perfect, especially it didn’t snow as much as I originally anticipated. From the looks, one can safely predict the new trends for this coming fall: (Yes, we are still in the winter season but in the fashion world, the thinking is done six months ahead.) many of you (myself included) will be wearing a fur sweater with sequenced bottoms. Don’t get busy throw away your other sweaters because MBFW says you will still need them, only bigger and chunkier.Milly RW 14-1Milly RW 14-2 IMG_4507

This one is my favorite of the entire show, must have sequin pants. 🙂IMG_4452

After the show, we went back stage. Friends and media were fighting for the designer’s attention; assistants were busy packing up all the clothes and pushing the racks away; event staff urging people to move towards the make-up area, eventually the back door…it was exciting and chaotic at the same time. IMG_4521 IMG_4519 BBA_1313-2

Stepping outside the tent, it concluded my two-day venture at the MBFW. Brief as they were, these shows let me have a peek into the glam party and its kitchen, I am happy as a clam.

BBA_1325-2 BBA_1339-2 BBA_1346-2

Thank you so much for reading! I have physically returned to my home and written this post in my sweat pants, make-up free, but there is more about fashion week I’d like to share with you, in my next post. Talk soon!

 :: Outfit ::

Leather Motorcycle Jacket :: Rick Owens (last seen here);
Brushed Leather Skirt ::  Rick Owens (similar here);
Suede Boots :: Pour la Victoire  (old);
Accessories :: Givenchy bag / Pandora; Ippolita earrings;
Anna Kula Circular Scarf


10 comments on “Texture Play :: Leather Variations & Modern Milly

  1. Joyce Mung

    You are the super star!!!

    1. petiteflower

      Awe, you are too kind! Being with SO many good-looking and well-dressed people, it is a humbling experience.

  2. Shushu

    Can’t wait to chat with you and get more details when you come back! I can’t tell those photographers loves you!

    1. petiteflower

      Oh, Shushu, they love just about anyone that looked remotely fashionable. 😀

  3. Shushu

    Wrote a wrong word, not “can’t “, but CAN. I guess I was too excited to read your blog 😉

  4. Amei

    Bravo, you like a super star!!! look those cameras. It is precious to have these moments captured. Thumbs up to you and your photographer girl griend : ))

    1. petiteflower

      Yes, I owe it to Wen for capturing all the moments. 🙂

  5. Renata Benedict

    So cool you got a chance to go there. It has always been on my wish list to see one of them. Maybe some day….. in Paris…. . 🙂

    1. petiteflower

      That would be great! I hope your wish will come true soon! 🙂

  6. laura

    You look absolutely gorgeous in that outfit. Indeed great play on texture,,, and colors! How lucky for you to be invited to not one but two of the events! I have heard it’s pretty hard to get in..Keep up the good work.