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Thanksgiving In Style :: Golden Suede & Denim ReDone

Hello, dear friends! For those who live in the States, I wish you a happy Thanksgiving! One thing I’ve noticed differently about Thanksgiving, is that things happen fashionably early. ;D Major sales began as early as Monday night (you can see a sale round-up and my current picks on my shopping page), people also gather to celebrate with friends before hand, Friendsgiving, sounds familiar?

Washington DC top bloggers friendsgiving dinnerFriendsgiving happened to me over a month ago, I was invited to this exclusive dinner at Ashley, creator of ChicvilleUSA beautiful home in the city. The setting was a scene straight out of Martha Steward Living, and the food was supreme! It was the best Thanksgiving food I ever tasted (sorry mom) and I am pretty sure I won’t have anything near until Ashley invites us back again. ^^ Courtesy of Ashley, who is in fact a photography artist, below are some highlights of the decor and food that night. The most impressive part is, this entire thing (decor & food), was home-made! I consider myself a fairly crafty person, Ashley floored me!

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It is kind of strange but super pleasant, to have a warm Thanksgiving. With today’s temp in the upper 50s and all the party heat, I thought a silk blouse with jeans, and a light leather coat will be just sufficient. My affection towards the 70’s style is too apparent, so I don’t need to explain why I wore flares with golden brown suede. 😀petiteflowerpresents-frame-denim (3 of 21) petiteflowerpresents-frame-denim (1 of 21)petiteflowerpresents-frame-denim (5 of 21) The main edits I did was a) wore an elaborately embroidered see-through blouse to be festive; and b) “faked” a skinny scarf with a silk chiffon square one by knotting the ends. Both offer some visual interest while keep the heat down. Of course, the inner nerd of me wants to fully embrace the geek chic trend, so I had to put on a man’s newsboy cap, backwards.petiteflowerpresents-frame-denim (10 of 21)mcQueen silk scarf petiteflowerpresents-frame-denim (14 of 21) petiteflowerpresents-frame-denim (17 of 21)petiteflowerpresents-frame-denim (20 of 21)

Thank you so much for reading! Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I do! See you in my next post!

Outfit Details:

Dries Van Noten blouse <similar, extra 20% off>;
Frame Denim suede trench <also here & here>;
Denim RE/DONE Elsa jeans;
Alexander McQueen scarf <similar>;
Chloe bag;
Celine sunglasses;
Ippolita earrings;
Felted wool hat <similar, many colors>