Time Travel :: Lace Dots & Bejeweled Cloche

Hello everyone! How is your weekend so far? I’ve been spinning on my tails, as usual. Between my new business interests and family duties, I barely have time to watch television. At the same time, my kids have been spending more time on the iPads, so the total family TV time stays flat. I am not saying it as if it was a good thing, but the reality is, we become more and more dependent on electronic gadgets, sometimes I wonder how did people live their lives before the Internet? television? electricity?

Well, I am old enough so I know how life was before the Internet, and I grew up in China, I also know how it was like before television. Before electricity? My guess is I would be spending a much larger percentage of my life sleeping, for I would have not as much to do at night time and my overall lifetime expectancy would be much shorter due to poor medical technology.

People back then must be doing a lot of soul searching, or other time-consuming activities. What would you do if times going back 100 years, recreation-wise? Without a doubt, I’d have exclusive face-to-face conversations rather than broadcasting to you through this cyberspace. ;D

Today’s outfit has quite a few old-world flavors: lace dolly, cloche and stockings. I sat near the window, had tea & sweets, enjoying the soothing sunset and some fun read, felt like the clock turned back to the time when humans depend on nothing electronic for entertainment. That lasted exactly half hour as the husband rang to remind me to pick up the kids.





Thank you very much for reading! I hope we all can catch a little break here and there during this busy time of the year and travel back in time. 🙂

 :: Outfit ::

Lace Dot Sweater Dress :: Girl. By Band of Outsiders (here, cardi version here)
Wool Coat::  Stella McCartney (similar here);
Ankle Strap Pump :: Celine (old)
Accessories :: Santelli Francesca World’s Fair Cloche; Chanel clutch & earrings;
Nest horn necklace; Wolford lace stockings; Portolano gloves


9 comments on “Time Travel :: Lace Dots & Bejeweled Cloche

  1. Joyce Mung

    Enjoy reading your short article each time. Yeah, can’t imagine what our life will be without the Internet?! Like your sapphire blue leather gloves, you always know how to highlight your entire outfits! BTW, didn’t you feel chilly outside with almost bare legs? 😀

    1. petiteflower

      I am glad that someone is actually reading my musings, thank you! Yes, it is kind of cold but I didn’t stay outdoor for long in such outfits.

  2. We He

    That Lace Dot Sweater dress is so different and awesome!

    1. petiteflower

      Isn’t it fun? I like big polka dots in general but not crazy about them. However, when I zoomed in to see the details, I said to myself “Gotta get this!” 😀

  3. Adrian Wang

    Love the whole outfit, esp. the necklace and the sweater dress!

    1. petiteflower

      Thank you, Adrian! I have a soft spot for lace & polka dots. 🙂

  4. Coco chin

    I love your hat!! May I ask the brand and where to get it?

    1. petiteflower

      Welcome, Coco! You can get this hat at Anthropology. I provided a link on top where you can locate it online.

      1. coco chin

        Thanks!! You look great with this hat!