Power Lines :: Piped All-White & Glass Pyramid

Hello, my dear friends! In the past, I’ve always talked about fashion, my thought process of putting together an outfit, or the next trend, or shopping. Fashion aside, some of you are here at the beginning, are probably because you like my photos. Often, I get compliments about my photos being visually pleasing, not just the outfit,  but also the surroundings. So I thought this could be a topic of interest — what makes a good backdrop for outfits. If that interests you, continue the reading; if not, skip to the pictures. 😀

Do we have to go places to take your outfit pics? Hubs would always ask when we head out of the door. After a couple of years, the question changed to “where are we going/” To me, each outfit tells a story, especially the ones I am presenting on this blog, I feel where and how the story is told are essential to how the outfit is perceived. When I pick the backdrop for my outfits, even for on-the-go ones, I take three things into consideration: cleanness, color, and mood.cmeocollective-5 cmeocollective-2

First of all, I prefer a clean backdrop, something that has minimal distraction of the subject, my outfit. My favorite kind of clean backdrops are architecture of solid colors and clean lines, or empty streets / sidewalk where I am the only pedestrian, everything else  would be white noise so the focus will be on my outfit. The city has no shortage of these locations, I also like to rotate among a few of my favorite spots.5S6A4983 cmeocollective-9cmeocollective-12

Second factor that is very important to me is color. Even with all the elements of a nature site, there is an overall color scheme. The monuments of DC, for example, are mostly whitish gray because of the stones; it changes to red when you move to the streets of Georgetown, or green when you get closer to the water front because of the river and trees. I seek a backdrop color that contrasts with my outfit’s color, typically dark ones for light-colored outfits, vise versa and white or light gray if I am wearing floral or pattern. There are times, I’d do dark on dark or white on white for extra dramatic effects but those are trickier on lighting. We shoot today’s outfit in the middle of a very sunny day, the glare factor was overwhelming so I made sure we utilize the blue sky reflection to create that color contrast I need for the all-white outfit.cmeocollective-14 cmeocollective-13 cmeocollective-10

Last but not least, mood of the location makes a picture. As soon as I finish styling a look, I do a mental scan of places I know for one that would accentuate the mood. Take today’s look for example, it is a minimal style with architecture lines, elegant, artistic with hidden inside of a free spirit, what could be a better backdrop for this outfit other than the glass pyramid between two wings of the National Gallery? I mean, reflective steel glass with geometric shapes and lines? If you see me walking by, would you think I am a curator at the gallery? 😉cmeocollective-3

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you find this post helpful, let me know if you’d like to see more of this kind of topics in the future. See you in my next post!

Outfit Details:

C/MEO Collective blouse;
C/MEO Collective skirt;
Celine pumps;
Chanel bag;
Lanvin earrings <on sale>;
Linda Farrow sunglasses <similar>;


7 comments on “Power Lines :: Piped All-White & Glass Pyramid

  1. Marie Roberty

    Totally agree with you!!!
    I try to choice an amazing place for each outfit
    Nice post and beautiful pictures and outfit

  2. Michele bluestyle

    You are so talented in creating very stylish outfits!! Beautiful look, Just perfect!!

    1. petiteflower

      Thank you sweetie! So glad you like this look. 🙂

    1. petiteflower

      Love an artful backdrop. 🙂