Transitional Outfit :: Double Lapels & Tailored Checkers

Ni Hao, my friend! Ni-Hao is Chinese for “Hello”, thought I should expand my language repertoire a bit, just for the first sentence. 🙂

Who is battling allergies, raise your hand! Allegra is not working for me this year, I have sneezed three times already from the beginning of this post. Just you know, in recent posts (and that of the near future), if my mouth seems permanently open, that is because my nose is stuffed! ;D

Onto a more serious subject, how do we cope with the temperature variance? Low thirties in the morning then high sixties in the afternoon? Spring time is one of those times transitional outfits are called for. One thing I found both chic and functional is collared vest, or sleeveless blazer. A well tailored blazer always add sleekness to an outfit, and it stays true even without the sleeves. Paired with most bottoms, with a t-shirt, a collared shirt, even without any shirt, it delivers the image of the sharp and sophisticated.IMG_7755 IMG_7809
IMG_7798Today’s outfit constitutes two rigid and masculine  pieces — checker-patterned dress pants and gray wool coat. To balance the overflowing yang energy, I added a silk collared vest for extra warmth and the flexibility to rid off the coat without looking too relaxed. Thought I could wear a pair of wind tips for a total garconne look, I went with stilettos and a mix of silver and gold jewelry, for a little more yin energy. Now I feel I should be in an office working hard, instead of leisurely pacing around in the middle of the afternoon. 😀IMG_7866 IMG_7940 IMG_7889

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you will give collared vest a try, it is quite fun! I am going for a sexier look with the same vest next time. Until my next post!

:: Outfit ::

Silk Collared Vest :: DKNY (here);
Wool Coat :: Theory (similar here);
Short-sleeve Fitted T :: Vince (here)
Checkered Pants :: McQ (here);
Suede Pumps :: Manolo Blahnik  (similar here);
Accessories :: Balenciaga bag / City;
David Yurman & Athra necklaces
Dior sunglasses & earrings


8 comments on “Transitional Outfit :: Double Lapels & Tailored Checkers

  1. brighting

    1,4 photos look gorgeous! Nice outfit! Same here, Toronto weather is variable.. The first greeting I’ve heard very often this winter is: cannot imagine how much snow this winter! LOL
    But anyway, spring is already here, and summer is around the corner~

    1. petiteflower

      I can totally relate! When will winter end? Dressing-wise, it is necessary to have a coat or extra layer for now.

  2. Lisa

    这一身很有职业女性风度, 千变女王。很像马上要出庭的女律师:)喜欢。

    1. petiteflower

      Thank you, Lisa! This had to be one of the most office-friendly outfit I wore since I started this blog. 🙂

  3. SWQ




    1. petiteflower

      Who are the 大家 you are referring to, SWQ? ;D I will present another outfit with the same vest in the near future sans the coat.

      In case you are curious how it looks, you can check out modeling pictures on DKNY’s website. ^^

      1. SWQ

        这里的“大家”算上你就上面这4个呀。。。 俩人一台戏,咱们可以出2台戏啦。。。:)

        1. petiteflower