Un-Traditional :: Cropped Polo & Silver Cap Toe

Happy Monday, my friends! And for those who are celebrating Chinese holidays, Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Mid-Autumn or Moon Festival is the equivalent of Thanksgiving in traditional Chinese holidays. Families get together, having a feast and enjoy each other’s company. A well-known part of the holiday tradition is moon cake, giant cookies filled with sweet paste made from red bean, lotus seeds, dates, etc. During my youthful years, I used to love moon cakes, I’d eat them day and night for at least a week. It was like the official time for eating sweets besides Spring Festival! Other times, we didn’t get much sweets even candy.

That is probably one experience my children cannot relate to — they are having treats all the time! Birthdays, rewards, haircuts, you name it! It is sad to admit, that our children will not learn the traditions we treasure the conventional way. To our relieve and comfort really, they are learning the essentials: family, friendship, appreciation, through the American holidays. 🙂

About today’s outfit, it has nothing to do with Moon Festival. Actually, it is a step away from the tradition I was taught — I am wearing clothes that does not cover my belly for crying out loud. After this summer, I got a bit used to show some skin here and there. This outfit of cropped polo and skirted pants, is my one step outside of comfort zone but not too far removed. ;D
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One thing I’d like to point out is the shoes. I wouldn’t in a million years considering a pair of black leather loafers had I not seen them over and over again on some coolest people on Instagram, their pictures “converted” me. The metal cap toe keeps the shoe feminine and interesting, I think. It is super comfortable to wear without any break-in time, just in case you are curious about the wearing experience.5S6A9693 5S6A9711

A silver clutch/bag was selected to pay homage to the silver cap toe as well as the pale blue with white embroidery top. At the same time, I wanted to get this sports chic feel going, I wrapped a scarf on my wrist and stacked two wide bangles on the other. How do you like it? Just right or too much? Baby steps, next time, I think I will get edgier with this shoe.5S6A9764 collage

Thank you very much for reading! See you in my next post!

(Vivetta shirt; Dries Van Noten pants, Miu Miu shoes, Bao Bao By Issey Miyake bag, Hermes scarf & bangles, Chanel sunglasses)

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4 comments on “Un-Traditional :: Cropped Polo & Silver Cap Toe

  1. brighting

    WOW!!! I love the way you dress this post! Sneaker, pants, hair, earrings exc, look perfect. Excellent one! Thanks for sharing this one, I think I get some ideas too!

    1. petiteflower

      Thank you, dear! With all the cool sneakers you have, you definitely can pull off some great looks!

  2. Joyce Mung


    1. petiteflower

      Thanks! The recent diet & weight loss helped, that and I tried very hard to hold my breath! 😀