Urban Cowboy :: Green Leather & Biker Boots

Hi there! How is your week so far? Is it just me or traffic around lunch hour has gone wild? It now takes some serious effort to find parking in our little town center between 12 and 1. With the outlook of metro connection, more business moved out here, so did more restaurants and shops, and of course, people and traffic. It feels as though they are encouraging one another’s growth, I really couldn’t tell the chicken from the egg.

This kind of town-center module is proliferating, what used to be massive outdoor parking lots now turned into multifunction high-rises with spaces for cars, good and people. Some might be concerned about the loss of a small town feel but personally, I think places like those are small towns on their own. Remember scenes from many western movies, actions take place on the main street of a small town surrounding by nothing but dirt? This is how I sometimes feel walking around in these town centers. Overall, I welcomed the change, it makes life much easier to have everything together and the architecture is often pleasant.

Armed with heavy leather jacket and serious biker boots, (yes, these are the real deal), I definitely felt like a cowboy wondering around looking for trouble. Oh wait! Cowboys wear denim jackets and leather pants not the other way around? Never mind then. 😀
IMG_9921IMG_9945IMG_0015 IMG_9982IMG_0049

Thank you very much for reading! See you in my next post!

 :: Outfit ::

Motorcycle Leather Jacket :: Celine (similar here)
Plaid Shirt::  Soft Joie ( similar here);
V-neck Boyfriend Cardi::  J Crew ( here);
Cropped Boyfriend Jeans::  Mother, the Dropout( here);
Biker Boots :: Fiorentini + Baker, Nena (here)
Accessories :: Chanel bag & sunglasses; Ippolita earrings;
Alexander McQueen pashmina skull scarf; Hermes silk scarf;
Lauren by Ralph Lauren belt;


8 comments on “Urban Cowboy :: Green Leather & Biker Boots

  1. We He

    Lovely! So casual and chic 🙂

    1. Petiteflower

      Thank you, dear! How do you like it with the scarf?

  2. Julie ZW Chen

    Fashionable, yet comfortable. You’ve put everything together nicely in this outfit. I like the color coordination particularly.

    1. Petiteflower

      Thank you, Julie! I found green and leopard / brown goes hand in hand. 🙂 This pair of jeans is my most comfortable so far. Happy holidays!

  3. Adrian Wang

    So pretty! Love the outfit!

    1. petiteflower

      Thank you! and Welcome!

    1. petiteflower

      Thank you! I absolutely love leather jackets, they are so versatile!