Vegas Impression :: Copycat Wonders & Natural Beauty

Hello, my friends! It has been a long week (or at least it felt that way) battering allergies for the house. Every April, as I blow heavily into yet another tissue, I wonder about the same two things: why didn’t we go somewhere else for the whole month? and, how could I get away with wearing a gas mask all month-long next year? Jokes aside, I do reminiscent of the trip we just had to Las Vegas, the weather was nice and there was no allergies. 😀

The Copycat Wonders

First time in Vegas, the whole place struck me as a grown-up Disney World. All those replication of the world’s wonders, entertainment of all sorts, countless shops and eateries, all reminded me of the rides, gift shops and treat vendors through out Disney parks. Some people hate the artificial factor of Vegas, everything is man-made and the copied wonders are not the real deal; some, on the other hand, love the convenience and let’s be honest, the hardware is not bad at all. While a bit turned off by the pure commercial side of Vegas, I am totally impressed by its engineering beauty.

Alice McCall White Jumpsuit

Alice McCall jumpsuit; Chanel espadrilles; Fendi micro bag; Eugenia Kim boater hat;


Birdseye view of Vegas from Venetian Hotel

Fifth Label top; Citizen of Humanity jeans; Soludos espadrilles <on sale>;


Dior Spllit sungalsses SS2016

Dior sunglasses


In a strange way, seeing all the not-so-mini copies of the world’s wonders, I thought about fashion. Okay, maybe it is not a coincidence since fashion is always on my mind. What I was going to say is, copycating is totally legitimate in the fashion world as long as there is some differences. Not everyone can afford the high fashion price tag but we all love the designs, what could a fashionista do but sporting those hot trends with look-alikes that won’t cost arm plus leg so the money can be saved for a real deal later? Upon seeing the Eiffel Tower replica in Vegas, I miss Paris even more. I am sure many stood there and did the same – making a promise to themselves silently that one day, they will go see the real thing.


All blue summer pant look

C/Meo Collective top; Rochas pants; Stuart Weitzman sandals; Saint Laurent bag; Chanel sunglasses

Stella Jean printed flare top

Stella Jean top; Citizen of Humanity jeans; Chanel espadrilles & sunglasses; Saint Laurent bag; Dylanlex necklace;

Grand Canal inside the Venetian Hotel in Vegas

Chanel espadrilles

The Natural Beauties

So we did venture out of the strip a bit and went to Red Rock Canyon and Hoover Dam. One is pure natural beauty and the other is manmade wonder, both are so grand and hauntingly beautiful they made my blood boil. Red Rock Canyon is about 30-minute drive outside of Vegas, highly recommend if you want a change of scenery just for the day. Some drive out there themselves to hike, some like us take a guided scooter ride, which is really fun! 5S6A4442

Red Rock Canyon

See by Chloe sweater <on sale>; vintage Levis jeans; Louis Vuitton bag; Chanel sunglasses; Axel Arigato sneakers


Don’t be fooled by my at-easy pose into thinking that I got away with lace sweater for the ride. It was a cold day and the wind chill factor while riding is much higher, the tour organizer had passed out heavy jackets and gloves to everyone. I layered in my running hoodie underneath the sweater so my head is kind of covered, too. A smart move I must say, helped the helmet stayed on snuggly. 😀Scooter ride in Red Rock Canyon

A visit to Hoover Dam is a good American history lesson and engineering class. Both hubs and I enjoyed learning all the facts and super impressed by them, the boys, on the other hand, were not as enthusiastic. Proceed with caution if you have young children. We did a guided tour which gave us very limited free time to explore so my apologies for the lack of more personal photos, only managed this one. For family who decide to rent a car in Vegas, it might be better to just drive out there and do the self-guided tour. The only thing is, leave early in the morning (8am) to avoid heavy traffic.5S6A5102

Per my request, hubs did snap a few more close-ups after we got back:

lace top and patchwork jeans

Alexis top <on sale>; Tortoise jeans<on sale>; Joshua Sanders sneakers; Louis Vuitton bag; Dior sunglasses;


Daisy big bow sneakers by Joshua Sanders

Joshua Sanders sneakers;


Must talk outfits! For long trips, I like to pack items that can be mixed and matched (a lot) to reduce total number pieces. There would be some workhorse classics such as the jeans and a white blazer (not shown) that I was wearing whenever an extra layer is needed early morning and evening (Vegas has pretty big temp gap between day and night). There are also a few current season items to keep outfits fresh and on point, and my small army of mini bags that I always bring for trips.

Lip print flouncy skirt

Alessandra Richi top; Alice McCall skirt; Valentino bag; Jimmy Choo pumps; Dior sunglasses;


Quite a few pieces I brought on the trip are Australian high-street brands I recently bought from The Aussies sure knows how to keep things simple yet interesting, they are especially good with structure and shapes. If you love more streamlined clothing without all the bells and whistle, check out these Australian labels for just that. The prices are comparable to Banana Republic, J Crew that lot, tailoring and materials are slightly better. Fashion Bunker is based in Californian so return is less hectic (still you need to pay return shipping), they always offer 15% off first order and other frequent discounts, too.

White gauze jumpsuit by Alice McCall

Alice McCall jumpsuit; Chanel espadrilles; Fendi micro bag; Eugenia Kim boater hat;

Flare on Flare causal look with pop of yellow

Fifth Label top; Citizen of Humanity jeans; Soludos espadrilles ; Louis Vuitton bag; Chanel sunglasses;

Thank you so much for reading! Please feel free to ask via comments if you have questions about Vegas or Aussie fashion. See you in my next post!



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  1. Alyssa Renee

    Looking fabulous as always! My favorite looks are the one with the neon yellow top & the pink lips skirt! =)

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