Waiting Time :: Plaid Blazer & Scarf Skirt

Happy Monday, everyone! I am so glad that the week started on a good note — 39F @ 8AM! The kids missed so much school last week, we were not happy. I remember a few years back, we had much heavier snow but not as many days off, what made the school system so wimpy?!

One of my favorite cold weather accessories is shawl, I try to wear them in as many way as I can. Besides the many knots one can tie around the neck, I also wear them as cape, skirt, dress, etc. Last time I went up to New York, it was cold enough so I brought one of my cashmere shawl. It kept me warm in the airplane cabin, later on, I wrapped it around my waist and make it a skirt. The floral design and the vibrant colors of the shawl countered the masculine and somber aspect of the blazer.

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In case you are interested, step-by-step instruction of how to tie the scarf skirt can be found here.

My friend Wen took the photos as we were waiting for the next train. I noticed that there was no wait time on display, so we were not sure if there was enough time to complete the shoot. “Forget about that, let’s just take a few and take more later if necessary.” Wen said, and she was right, it turned out we had no other time that day to take more photos of this outfit. Sometimes in life, we run into similar situations — the transition time is long but not long enough to embark anything major. What would you do? Relax and wondering on the platform until the train comes? or start an initiative regardless if it could be finished before the next phase is here? …”Oh, you will just keep on WeChating.” husband said. So busted! It has become a perpetual motion that it seems everything else I do, is taking a break from WeChat. ;D

Thank you very much for reading! Until my next post!

:: Outfit ::

Plaid Blazer:: Studio Nicholson (last seen here);
Asymmetric Sweater Dress ::  Alexander McQueen (red here);
Silver Ankle Strap Pump ::  Christian Louboutin / Pansee ;
Accessories :: Hermes cashmere shawl;
Bottega Veneta / Campana bag ;
Fraleoni Horn necklace; Cheri Couture shawl ring




4 comments on “Waiting Time :: Plaid Blazer & Scarf Skirt

  1. Joyce Mung

    So beautiful! You two are the best!

    1. petiteflower

      Thank you for the vote of confidence, Joyce! 🙂

  2. Wenyun He

    Beautiful outfit, looks very nice!!

    1. petiteflower

      Nice photos, thank you! 🙂