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Happy weekend, my friends! It’s been a while since I last had the “money” talk, today I am going to cover a fashion lover must-have item which can be worn from 18 to 81 — leather biker jacket.5S6A12385S6A1226

Almost all fashion brands offer at least one design of leather biker jacket, in rainbow colors, at various price points. Can they all be wardrobe staple? The answer is an apparent “No”. While a mint green, should studded, cropped-length leather jacket is fun, you might not want to wear it when the whole fashion world has moved away from pastels and/or studs.

What separate the timeless from the trendy are essentially two things: details and color. The bare bones of a biker jacket design hasn’t changed at all over time : asymmetrical zipper, fold down collar, and side pockets. Designers might embellish this basic design more with a few additional zippers, change the smooth leather to quilted leather, make it collarless or mandarin collar, put studs all over shoulder and sleeves, it is the things that don’t change over time make up what the classic should be. When it comes to color, it is even simpler. Black, if you will only have one biker jacket. Add a light color (white or beige) and a shade of red (burgundy, dark red) for outfit options.
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For any sort of budget, there is a black classic style leather biker jacket available. The truth is, they don’t look that much different from each other in pictures, then why spending $3,000 on a jacket when you can get almost the same look for $300? I have leather jacket from several labels, price ranging from almost $4K to a few hundred, my direct experience is the more expensive ones tend to use thicker, smooth leather, they mold to my body better after a few wear and they are much heavier. My guess is beside all the money we pay for that designer label, the key $$$ difference is in the leather and craftsmanship, which in turn determines the life expectancy of the garment.5S6A13205S6A1304

Even with the most expensive kind, proper care for your leather jacket is key to make sure it last a life time. The foremost important thing is to avoid water contact as much as possible. I am talking about rain and liquid spillage. While a few minutes in a drizzle is in general fine, I wouldn’t want to let my leather jacket near any pouring rain. In the unfortunate case of spillage, the best thing to do is to clean with a soft white cloth (I like to use old t-shirt) and leather cleanser. (I’ve used this and this with good results). Some stains cannot be removed this way, you might need to bring it to the professionals. At the end of the season, before store the jackets away, I would also clean the jacket once, especially places that are more likely to get dirty such as the neck and sleeve opening, then protect the leather with a conditioner (nice experience with this one). If you don’t trust yourself with an expensive piece, you can always bring it to dry cleaner who knows how to handle leather.

A few classic design biker jackets to consider:

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Thank you so much for reading! Until my next post!

(Balenciaga leather jacket <black, burgundy alternative>; Altuzarra sweater; Marcelo Burlon County of Milan skirt;
Isabel Marant boots; Moynat bag; Miu Miu sunglasses; Vita Fede jewelry;)


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  1. Joyce Mung

    Very useful article, thanks for sharing! Your red one is really pretty!

    1. petiteflower

      So glad that you think so, Joyce! I don’t want to come off as promoting designer clothing, just that you get what you paid for so I would buy the best I could afford when it comes to staple items. 🙂

    1. petiteflower

      There are just so many of them to choose from but I think we all agree only a few can be the true classic. 🙂

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    很酷! 喜欢!

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    Ahhh! This has to be my favorite look of yours! I love that edgy, kickass vibe you’ve got going on! Rocker chic at its best!!!

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