Winter Relaxer :: Big Knits & Leather Culottes

Happy weekend, my dear friends! I don’t know how to make of this “winter” weather we have been experiencing: within the past week, we had both snow (a couple of times) and spring! The bottom line is, I’m “hibernating” in my sweaters and jeans, sometimes, this pleather culottes, this entire time. I LOVE this oversized and relaxed fashion trend, I said it before and I will say it again, it is the best kind of news for people who tend to put on a few winter pounds, i.e. yours truly. 😀5S6A7556 5S6A7680

There is really not much to say about today’s casual get-up, let’s talk about time travel, more fun, right? I’ve been watching this TV drama series that is essentially a love story, set in the time frame of 650 – 750 A.D. Back then, women really didn’t have much freedom and rights, let alone all the wonderful technologies we are enjoying today, what would we do? 5S6A7713 5S6A7631

My guess is that I will be a house wife with bad eye sight and maybe more than two kids. I would be spending a lot of time cooking and embroidering, perhaps painting (no knitting nor photography back then), definitely sewing because I love clothes, that wouldn’t change. Why the bad eye sight? Well, I went near-sighted during high school, that probably won’t change only worse because of candle light is much less brighter. The night owl in me would always want to stay up late, lots of time spend under dim light…I guess no matter what year it is, some parts of us just don’t change, hehe.5S6A7654 5S6A7752

Thank you so much for reading! Until my next post!

(Aritzia sweater; Zara faux leather culottes <similar>; Rochas clogs; Little Liffner clutch; Aldofo Dominguez necklace; Avec New York rings;)


2 comments on “Winter Relaxer :: Big Knits & Leather Culottes

  1. Ling

    So refreshing! They should have got you as the model for the sweater. The one on their website is so drab.

    1. petiteflower

      Aww, that’s so sweet of you to say! Thank you, Ling!