Extend Into Fall :: Checked Dress & Thigh-High Boots

Happy Halloween, my friend! Providing that today is a costume day, what’s your guess of who I am? Modern day Alice In Wonderland or Wicked Witch in the woods? What if today is some other day, what would I be then?


News Flash :: Socially Shoppable & Corset In Action

Hi, my dear friends! I have some exciting (old) news to share with you: earlier this summer, I was approached by Socially Shoppable, a new online publication about IT things — style, technology, culture, shopping, to join their team of


Chic Update :: Moto Leather Jacket & Distressed Jeans

Hello my friends! Hope you’ve had a great weekend so far. Haven’t been worked in a regular office environment for so long, my sense of days is kind of blurred. Weekends are actually faster-paced in my house because the kids


L.A. Confidential :: Python Separates & Rock Studs

Hi my dear friends! I am back, physically, to this cold, rainy East Coast town I call home, but my mind is still filled with California sunshine. In the next few posts, I will share with you outfits I worn


Trend Testers :: Slip Dress & Fringe Jacket

Hello on a Sunday, my friend! This is going to be real quick on because I am actually in California as I type, spending some good time with friends. Do you take mini vacations just for yourself, if not, you


Extend Into Fall :: Silk Jumpsuit & Leather T-shirt

Hello, my friends! As the temperature continue to drop, more layers of clothing go onto the body. Today, I am going to explore once more, a way to extend the life of summer wardrobe to fall. Challenge 3: The Silk Jumpsuit


Second Chances :: Lace Top & Leather Overall

Hello, my dear friends! Today is Columbus Day, the day the great explorer discovered the Americas, unintended. On this day, I want to reflect a little on second chances, a “reset” that allows the opportunity for rediscovery and reinvention. When Columbus


Total Structure :: Sateen Shift Dress & Rigid Accessories

TGIF, friends! It is a gloomy day today so I feel kind of low energy. Often, days like this I would do something fun and unusual to get that injection of adrenaline. It used to be going to a burger


Extend Into Fall :: Brocade Vest & Sheer Shirtdress

Hello, friends! Today the challenge continues — extend summer wardrobe into fall through proper layering and accessorizing! Challenge 2: The Sheer Shirt Dress Item de jour is a shirt dress that is more like mini dress with a tulle dress