Off-white asymmetrical knit top paired with black leather shorts

Always On-Duty :: One Knit Top Three Outfits

When it comes to outfits, who doesn't like options? Option doesn't mean more new purchase, it just means more ways to use the same key piece. Today, I've style a simple cotton knit top for three different occasions: office casual, girls-night-out and weekend.

Petiteflowerpresents Zara floral-8

Strike A Pose :: Floral Suite & Vest Coat

Hello, dear friends! Blogging from Dallas today, am here for a blogger convention. One thing I will do a lot for sure, is posing, besides learning and networking. ;D So for today’s post, I want to talk about how to pose for the camera without looking trying too hard....

PetiteFlowerPresents Doll Memories T-17

Style Inspiration :: Printed T & Maxi Skirt

Hello, dear friends! It is the weekend again, which means events, events, events! I want explore a few event-friendly looks but more importantly, I want to discuss some fundamentals of styling because that seems to be a more burning question I received in feedbacks. How to style a look? Styling...

PetiteFlowerPresents Zara-9

Old Is New :: Spring Leather & Accessory Update

Happy Monday, dear friends! Back to the daily grind, many start to sing that Monday blues, which reminds me of a video I saw yesterday, about how much a working mother could age in one day because all the things she had to do throughout the day, which in turn,...


Love Letter From Paradise :: Part II

Hello, dear friends! It is always challenging to dial down after having more, like the temperature thing, for example. Husband stepped outside in shorts this morning only to return a few minutes later, “Too cold”, he said, duh! As I am going through more pictures from things we did...

PetiteFlowerPresents Nisha Noo-2

Love Letter from Paradise :: Part I

Aloha, dear friends! We are actually back from our trip to Hawaii, but my desktop is still not working and there are five loads of laundry awaiting to be folded, so I am pretending I am still there, in spirit. My apologies for the heitus in the past week,...

Petiteflowerpresents Maison Martin Margeila-18

Investment Worthy :: Brocade Rosegold & Coldpress Green

Happy weekend, my dears! Often I hear friends complain how expensive designer clothing are, “what a rip-off!”, they often exclaim. I use to think the same, until I learned a lot more about the business side of running a company, even creatives like the fashion designers, cannot escape the laws...