Sports Chic :: Oversized Sweatshirt & Flouncy Skirt

Hello, dear friends! I hope you had a great beginning of the week, it is definitely fall for us here on the East Coast now. Sweatshirt and cotton sweaters are best for weather like this, good warmth but not as


She & He :: Hybrid Shirt & Butterfly Collar

Happy weekend, my friends! Today I am taking some fashion risks, so don’t write me off if this one is not your cup of tea. ;D Since my zodiac sign says I should be adventurous, I naturally inclined to try


Brown Bag Etiquette :: Ruffled Top & Cropped Pants

Greetings, my friends! Around this time of the year, it is really pleasant, perfect for outdoor activities. So we went out for a photo shoot the other day, it was just like today, a little cloudy and chill in the morning,


Un-Traditional :: Cropped Polo & Silver Cap Toe

Happy Monday, my friends! And for those who are celebrating Chinese holidays, Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Mid-Autumn or Moon Festival is the equivalent of Thanksgiving in traditional Chinese holidays. Families get together, having a feast and enjoy each other’s company. A


Beauty Routine After Makeup

Happy weekend, my friends! Last month, when we were doing the 30 Days To Fabulous challenge, my last episode was about makeup. Today’s post is a follow-up on that topic, especially now we are going into fall, a little extra


Power of Repetition :: Brenton Stripes & Big Hat

Hi everyone! Even though it is September, the temperature doesn’t seemed to drop. The whole summer has been mild, overall, so it is comfortable to wear long sleeves. Last week, I wrote about getting ready for fall, I’ve been hoarding


Ten Things That Make Me Happy

Hello, friend! Today, I participated on a very interesting initiative on Instagram called”Ten Things That Make Me Happy”. The rule the nominee will post a picture and list ten things that make him / her happy, then invite 20 more


Labor Of Love :: Floral & Shredded

Happy Labor Day Weekend, my friend! Today marks the 10th month of this blog, not quite a year, but a pretty exciting ride so far! Before I get into my usual musings, I want to thank all of you for

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Fashionomics :: Plan & Shop

Hello, my dear friends! Happy Labor Day weekend! After the holiday, many people mentally switch to fall mode, how about you? Part of my beginning of season routine is draft a must-have list, then map out where to get, the