L.A. Confidential :: Python Separates & Rock Studs

Hi my dear friends! I am back, physically, to this cold, rainy East Coast town I call home, but my mind is still filled with California sunshine. In the next few posts, I will share with you outfits I worn


Trend Testers :: Slip Dress & Fringe Jacket

Hello on a Sunday, my friend! This is going to be real quick on because I am actually in California as I type, spending some good time with friends. Do you take mini vacations just for yourself, if not, you


Extend Into Fall :: Silk Jumpsuit & Leather T-shirt

Hello, my friends! As the temperature continue to drop, more layers of clothing go onto the body. Today, I am going to explore once more, a way to extend the life of summer wardrobe to fall. Challenge 3: The Silk Jumpsuit


Second Chances :: Lace Top & Leather Overall

Hello, my dear friends! Today is Columbus Day, the day the great explorer discovered the Americas, unintended. On this day, I want to reflect a little on second chances, a “reset” that allows the opportunity for rediscovery and reinvention. When Columbus


Total Structure :: Sateen Shift Dress & Rigid Accessories

TGIF, friends! It is a gloomy day today so I feel kind of low energy. Often, days like this I would do something fun and unusual to get that injection of adrenaline. It used to be going to a burger


Extend Into Fall :: Brocade Vest & Sheer Shirtdress

Hello, friends! Today the challenge continues — extend summer wardrobe into fall through proper layering and accessorizing! Challenge 2: The Sheer Shirt Dress Item de jour is a shirt dress that is more like mini dress with a tulle dress


Lady Animal :: Python Print & Chrome Cuffs

Hello, my friends! It is the weekend again! So when it was still warm in the evenings, husband and I went out to celebrate our anniversary. One thing about being married for many years is that you feel very comfortable around


Extend Into Fall :: Embellished Sweater & Rosegold Sparkles

Hello! Happy humpsday! I just learned that alternative name for Wednesday recently, thanks to social media. The leaves are turning yellow and red outside of my window, that keeps on reminding me fall is here. As much as I’d love


Pattern Mix :: Plaid Pants & Argyle Top

It is Sunday, my friends, let’s talk about something fun, and inspirational, perhaps. ;D Topic du jour: mixing patterns! It is one of those things actually takes a lot of effort to look effortless. The easiest to do in repeating