Barcelona Impressions :: architecture, food, & fashion

Happy weekend, my friends! Hope you are having a good one so far. Finally, I went though photos I took with my DSLR in Barcelona, I want to share some of them with you here. This is not going to


Museum Run :: Embroidered Shirt & Printed Skirt

Hello, my dear friends! Prior to my trip to Spain, the boys and I actually went up to New York City for a weekend. It was an impromptu trip — when #1 son expressed his interest in seeing Greek &


Texture Mix :: Harringbone Coat & Sequin Mini

Hello, my friends! I am back! Thank you so much for your tolerance of my lack of update in the past few days. Even though I had wi-fi in the hotel room, my laptop had a technical issue that I


Check Wrapped :: Blanket Scarf & OTK Boots

Hello, my friends! Greetings from Newark International Airport! I am writing this post as I am awaiting form my flight to Spain! Insane, I know, but super exciting for this is my first visit! While I am en route to


Red Chic :: Club Sweater & Pom Pom Hat

Hello, my friends! Yes to another weekend of gorgeous weather and cool air! When you walk on the street, who would your eyes gravitate towards more? The girl who looks totally effortless chic but there is one 50 yards away


Art Escape :: Navy Windowpane & Red Rockstud

Greetings, my dear friends! I have been procrastinating on some of my writing projects because it is just too beautiful outside to stuck at a desk all day! Sunny and cool, is the best combination weather-wise, I can just image strolling along a


Blog Anniversary :: A Year In Style (video)

Hello, my dear friends! Today marks the first anniversary of this blog, hurray! I made a promise to my friends and myself that I will blog for at least a year, or wear all my clothes at least once, whichever


Extend Into Fall :: Checked Dress & Thigh-High Boots

Happy Halloween, my friend! Providing that today is a costume day, what’s your guess of who I am? Modern day Alice In Wonderland or Wicked Witch in the woods? What if today is some other day, what would I be then?


News Flash :: Socially Shoppable & Corset In Action

Hi, my dear friends! I have some exciting (old) news to share with you: earlier this summer, I was approached by Socially Shoppable, a new online publication about IT things — style, technology, culture, shopping, to join their team of